BC Child Care Dilemma

B.C. family wins child care lottery, another 'stuck in the middle'

David Molko / February 27, 2019

Susan Tran from Vancouver and Edith MacHattie from Port Moody are like many Metro Vancouver middle class parents. Both are married with multiple children, and both they and their spouses are juggling full-time jobs.

"If we don't follow a schedule, there's no way I'm going to survive," Tran says, describing her five-year-old son Jack and three-year-old twins Max and Charlie as "high energy."

"It takes a ton of energy every single day," MacHattie echoes, adding that her four-year-old daughter Aurora is "interested in everything, and wants to do it herself," while 19-month-old Theo is "a ray of sunshine."

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City of Kamloops receives $25K grant

City of Kamloops receives $25K grant for use in child-care space inventory

Jessica Wallace / March 22, 2019 

A Kamloops councillor who has been pushing the issue of a lack of child-care spaces in the city is delighted with news the city has received a $25,000 provincial grant to create an inventory of child-care spaces in the city.

“I’ve been pushing this issue, one that has been challenging to get some traction at city hall because childcare is not seen as a municipal issue,” city councillor and Deputy Mayor Dale Bass said, noting when it impacts parents’ wallets, it is, in fact, an “economic issue.”

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Canadian provinces taking on child care

How Canadian provinces are taking on affordable child care — and how it compares to the world

Maham Abedi / March 26, 2019

Alberta’s New Democrats have unveiled an election pledge that would expand its $25-a-day child care plan.

The province’s NDP Leader Rachel Notley said the price cap would apply no matter what a parent has been currently paying for child care, and expands a pilot program that capped daycare costs at $25 daily at 7,300 spaces in 122 locations.

“Anything that holds Alberta women back, holds Alberta back.” Notley said.

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Child care study

Child care study money a step towards $10 a day care — advocate

Diane Strandberg / March 22, 2019

Grants totaling $75,000 for child care planning in Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam won’t solve the daycare crisis today but will go a long way towards the implementation of a $10-a-day plan, says a B.C. advocate.

“It’s another important step towards it,” said Sharon Gregson of the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C. “We have to make sure taxpayers’ money is spent wisely and the way to do that is to have public parties and cities and school districts plan for a daycare system so we move from a crazy patchwork of what happens now towards a well-planned system of where we expand and how we expand.”

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Vancouver Women's Movement

Federal funding aims to help women’s movement in Metro Vancouver

Jessica Kerr / March 28, 2019

Fourteen women’s organizations in the Lower Mainland are among more than 250 from across Canada receiving a financial shot in the arm from Ottawa.

Back on March 8, which is International Women’s Day, Minister for Women and Gender Equality Maryam Monsef announced that more than 250 women’s organizations across the country would receive funding through the ministry’s Capacity-building Fund, with the aim of helping organizations that advance the women’s movement and gender equity in Canada.

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King County’s child care woes

Clues for fixing King County’s child care woes may be found in British Columbia

Ashley Hiruko and Aaron Kunkler / March 30, 2019

Vancouver, British Columbia’s child care issues look painfully similar to those experienced by parents in King County and across Washington state. British Columbia, Canada saw 16 years of worsening child care payoff fees, leaving child care unaffordable for the majority of people except the province’s wealthiest of families. A recent report from King County found that the median monthly cost for full-time infant care is more than $1,500, and many families pay more.

Even for those who could afford it, a long waitlist meant parents would spend months, and sometimes years, stuck in limbo before a spot would open up.

British Columbia was in the same situation as King County and Washington state until its last provincial election. And then something changed.

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Millennials need more government support

COLUMN: Millennials need more government support

Wayne Stetski / Apr. 3, 2019

As a Member of Parliament, I represent people in all stages of life and think it’s important to consider the impact of government policies and investments across age brackets. As a parent and grandparent, I hope my children and granddaughter will have the same opportunities and quality of life I have been fortunate to have.

Unfortunately, young Canadians are graduating school with record amounts of student debt only to be faced with precarious work, stagnant wages, and rising housing costs. Many are worried about how they will reach milestones like buying a home, starting a family, or retiring. Those who do have children encounter the added burden of astronomical childcare costs. One of my millennial staff members explains the situation facing her generation saying, “Canada is eating its young.”

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50-year Anniversary

Early child care educators celebrate 50-year anniversary


Approximately 250 people, including early childhood educators in Terrace and across the province, gathered at the Sportsplex April 6 to mark the 50-year anniversary of the Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC) organization.

There were many activities for families and educators to take part in, including a nature sensory trail with sand, hay and moss for children to step on, a performance from local music school Tiny Tones, and fun fitness activities from pound Fit. The event was organized by members of the Terrace ECE branch with support from Terrace Early Years Partnership Network.

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Squamish Child Care

EDITORIAL: Light at the end of the Squamish child care tunnel

The Chief staff Squamish Chief

APRIL 10, 2019


A Squamish new dad says the final straw forcing his family to sell their home and move from Squamish is the lack of accessible and affordable childcare.

This is an extreme real-life example of what many parents experience in town — the struggle to find childcare that allows both parents to work without adding to the overwhelming chaos and guilt that, along with joy, parenting involves.


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Check out the 2019 edition of the $10aDay Plan

We are so pleased to share with you the UPDATED 2019 edition of the popular $10aDay Child Care Plan. This plan for a public system of integrated early care and learning was first launched in 2011. Developed through wide consultation across BC and based on research and evidence, the Plan is the concrete, do-able solution to BC’s child care chaos.

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