National Child Day

In the Slocan Valley we celebrated National Child Week at Wee Ones and Valhalla by handing out blue ribbons to parents, children and people in our communities with the message that "children are our most precious resource".  Ribbons and copies of the Children's Charter were also passed out to all...

Advocates hope Liberals follow through on child-care promises

Child care advocates are cautiously optimistic the Liberal government will soon begin laying the groundwork for negotiating a national daycare plan with the provinces. By: Joanna Smith Ottawa Bureau reporter, Published on Mon Nov 16 2015 Child-care advocates are cautiously optimistic the Liberal government will soon begin laying the groundwork for negotiating a... Read more

National Child Day November 20

As a child I remember presenting my parents with annual gifts — cutouts of my handprints, coupon books of chores that I vowed to honour, acrostic poems of the word, Mother, or Father. My parents still have many of these handmade gifts that expressed gratitude and recognized the impact of... Read more

'Because it's 2015'

A national child care system...“because it’s 2015”By: Martha Friendly The best line of the Trudeau government’s first day— widely reported and praised in the international media—was the new PM’s.  In response to a reporter’s question about why he’d chosen to create a gender-parity cabinet, he rather matter of factly observed...

Navigating Child Care

It's a common complaint among working parents -- getting good quality childcare that doesn’t break the bank can be tough.

Which election platforms will help the $10aDay Plan?

Check this out! We’ve assessed each of the major federal party’s election platforms to determine how they will help BC implement the $10aDay Plan. The differences are striking!   Read the details and rationale for the rankings here!

Child Care Good For Everyone

  Opinion: Child care is good for children, for mothers, for everyone   BY SHARON GREGSON, SPECIAL TO THE SUN SEPTEMBER 28, 2015       MONTREAL, QUE.: JUNE 18, 2012-- Children in daycare hold on to a rope as they walk with an adult in Rosemont in Montreal on... Read more

Jeanne has 10 Grandchildren

  I am a grandmother and mother who supports the 10 a Day Child Care Campaign with all my heart. The most important thing for children is to be supported and loved. Affordable child care is essential to allow parents to make choices that will ensure their children are supported...

Grandmothers Want the Best for Grandchildren

"We want the best for our children, our grandchildren and for the adults that they grow into being.  Giving them quality, compassionate and experiential learning right from the start not only sets them up to be healthy contributing members of our society, it also allows their parents to contribute their...

In BC We're Grateful to Learn from Quebec

My 2 cents. While the study referenced below essentially reinforces the importance of public investment in high quality, universal child care, it’s unfortunate that the authors have not made this finding explicit. Rather, they deny the vast body of evidence highlighting the benefits of quality care for all children, and...

Grandparents paying for Child Care

I support $10 a day child care so that no parents will need to say they are unable to work, and no grandparents will need to help pay for a grandchild's daycare so their child can work (even though it's given with love). Julia Holden

Sheila & Keith want a child care system Canada can be proud of

  Being a grandparent is a magical experience and one we are very grateful to experience. The biggest challenge we have observed with our child and friend’s children is their work / child care dilemna.  Too often we have seen these beautiful, thoughtful, caring parents struggling to find a childcare... Read more

My daughter has to turn down work because there's no child care

Every day, as an Early Childhood Educator, I see the need for quality, affordable and flexible childcare.  This hit home on a personal level when my grandson was born.  My daughter's job  in Outdoor Recreation is a seasonal auxillary position.  She is unable to find childcare that is affordable and...

A Child Care Nightmare

The Child Care Nightmare from a Grandparent’s Perspective There is nothing more wonderful than watching your children parent and nothing more difficult than watching them suffer for the lack of something that should be as basic to the infrastructure of our neighbourhoods as the local public school: I am talking... Read more

Grandmothers are Wise

As a grandmother I think I am very very lucky. My daughter, her husband and their two children live in my community. What more could you ask for? Many of my “Nana” friends travel long distances to visit their grandkids, so I know how fortunate I am. I also know... Read more

Have you read the book yet?

Working Mothers and the Child Care Dilemma The must-read book of summer 2015 for all child care advocates. Order yours now at [email protected]   by Lisa Pasolli   Read more

What you'd like to know about the $10aDay Plan

Are you interested to know more about the $10aDay Child Care Plan for BC? How it will be funded, who pays, how much it will cost and how much it will benefit families and our economy - watch here... A great interview with economist Iglika Ivanova explaining the $10aDay Child...

Starting Early: If it takes a community...

Starting Early: If it takes a community to raise a child, this might be the place to start. By Kathy Booth in the Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times Read more

Thanks and Register to Vote

Thank you so much! Within hours of sending out our recent request for contributions we were almost half way to our fundraising goal! Read more

New supporters!

Support from Canadian Federation of University Women of Victoria Read more

Business in Vancouver

Moms go to work — and pay more taxes — when child care is affordable: report Much of B.C.’s proposed $10-a-day program would pay for itself through increased taxes and reduced need for welfare, argues think tank Read more

Iglika Ivanova: B.C. can afford $10-a-day public childcare

For families with school-aged children, summer is one of the most stressful and expensive times of the year, as they scramble to find and pay for child care. But for parents of younger children, that’s a year-round struggle.   Read more

Advocates tout economic reasons for government to fund child care

$10aDay daycare would boost BC women's participation in the work force...   Read more

The Vancouver Sun ... Child Care for $10aDay is Feasible in Canada

Introducing universal $10-a-day child care would grow the province’s economy by $3.9 billion and generate $1.3 billion in government revenue once fully phased in, according to a report released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Governments could recover 86 cents on every dollar invested in universal child care... Read more

New economic report released today confirms BC government can afford to implement the popular $10

Premier Christy Clark can no longer use the line that BC can’t afford to invest in quality, affordable child care, the $10aDay Plan, to meet the needs of children, families, communities and our economy. A new report from CCPA-BC economist Iglika Ivanova confirms that, with or without new federal transfer... Read more

Report back on Child Care Month in BC

What amazing energy for Child Care Month in BC - especially for the National Week of Action for Child Care that launched on May 9th. Thanks to all the parents, grandparents, and early childhood educators across BC and Canada who made child care visible in their community.   Read more

A speech from Friday Bailey

High Quality Early Care and Learning is a Child's Right! The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, general comment 7, emphasizes that all children have a right to high quality Early Childhood Education with well-trained Early Childhood Educators, who's work should be socially valued and properly paid.... Read more

How I became a child care advocate - Melanie Anderson

I am not a parent or an Early Childhood Educator, yet I am an unequivocal advocate for the $10 a Day Child Care Plan which would create a system of affordable, accessible, inclusive, quality child care for children and families in BC. I started volunteering with the Coalition of Child... Read more

$10aDay question for Mike De Jong on Voice of BC

Check out BC Finance Minister Mike de Jong Answering questions about making the #‎10aday plan priority.Fast Forward to 45:13 to see our question.What do you think of his answer?

Teresita Nidua's Speech from the Vancouver Stroller Brigade

Thank you for coming out on your Saturday to join & support a worthy cause : $10/a day childcare plan for BC. Thank you for your generosity of time, effort & spirit. Read more

Campbell River Council urged to support $10aDay Plan

Council last week heard from an advocate of a plan to move early childhood education under the umbrella of the provincial government and create affordable childcare for families. Under the plan, the B.C. ministry of education would subsidize childcare costs, and parents would be left to pay just $10 a... Read more

Letter to the Editor: Investing in our children

Investing in our Children  Vernon Morning Star posted May 15, 2015 at 1:00 AM The week of May 10-17 has been selected as a Week of Action for Child Care. We know that 75 per cent of mothers in Canada with children under the age of six are in... Read more

Early Childhood Care educators want best for families

Early Childhood Care educators want best for families Kristi Dobson / Alberni Valley Times May 14, 2015 12:00 AM  Early childhood care workers are optimistic with the support that has been shown towards the $10/day Child Care Plan. Those in the field believe the initiative for more affordable child care... Read more

Parents, educators rally for childhood support by Kevin Campbell - The Northern Viewposted May 13, 2015 at 7:00 AM Read more

How I became a $10aDay advocate

  I’ve had the incredible opportunity to be involved with the $10 a Day Plan since the beginning, back when it was vision. And I’ve had the equally incredible opportunity to have worked with the visionaries that not only saw what could be, they refused to settle for anything less. Read more

Don Cayo: Better policies would get women to contribute more to the economy

By Don Cayo, Vancouver Sun columnist May 8, 2015 If women participated in the labour force at the same rate as men, the economy of a developed country such as Canada would experience a 12-per-cent jump in GDP, according to Dr. Doom, a.k.a. Nouriel Roubini, the economist who gained... Read more

Stroller brigade coming up Tuesday posted May 7, 2015 at 3:00 PM Williams Lake is encouraged to help raise awareness of the need for quality and affordable child care next Tuesday by participating in a stroller brigade, hosted by the Early Childhood Development Network. Participants in the brigade will meet at the Boitanio Mall...

We’re paying for $7/day child care, so why is only one province getting it?

This blog was originally published by and reposted here with permission of the author. Many Canadians don’t know that Quebec has the least expensive childcare in the country at $7/day (well actually $7.30 now). Meanwhile in Toronto parents pay $49/day, and in Vancouver it’s $41 a day for toddlers/preschoolers. It’s no surprise that $7/day... Read more

This is how I advocate

  It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I imagine that I’ll use about that many to tell the story of this particular picture and how the image of something in your mind can develop as it’s processed into a final picture.   In my journey... Read more

Thoughts from the Progress Summit

This time a week ago I was in Ottawa waiting to go on stage and speak at the Broadbent Institute’s second annual Progress Summit. The whole experience of being in Ottawa for the event along with about 900 progressive thinkers and activists from across Canada was a stimulating and invigorating... Read more

New Polling Information

  The results are in and they’re big news! A recent province-wide poll conducted by Insights West confirms that British Columbians overwhelmingly support the $10aDay Child Care Plan. Here are 5 important findings from the Poll, confirming that a large majority of British Columbians:   Read more

Welcome to!

BC families face a crisis in accessing quality, affordable child care. And, the BC government has no plan to meet the needs of working families. Together, we can change this reality! Today, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC is pleased to launch the $10aDay Child Care Campaign web...