In BC We're Grateful to Learn from Quebec


My 2 cents. While the study referenced below essentially reinforces the importance of public investment in high quality, universal child care, it’s unfortunate that the authors have not made this finding explicit. Rather, they deny the vast body of evidence highlighting the benefits of quality care for all children, and proceed to make claims about children and child care in Quebec without differentiating between those who actually experienced child care and those who didn’t, and without assessing the quality of the child care settings for those who did. 

In BC, we are grateful for the opportunity to learn from Quebec’s rapid expansion of child care in the early years of their system-building. Our 10 a Day Child Care Campaign calls for adequate public funding to build a high quality, universal system over the next ten years. The benefits from mothers’ increased workforce participation alone will almost pay for the system, and those benefits are split 50/50 between the federal and provincial governments. That’s one reason why it’s important for all federal parties to commit to quality, affordable child care in this election.

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