Sheila & Keith want a child care system Canada can be proud of



Being a grandparent is a magical experience and one we are very grateful to experience.

The biggest challenge we have observed with our child and friend’s children is their work / child care dilemna.  Too often we have seen these beautiful, thoughtful, caring parents struggling to find a childcare situation that is good for their children and one which they can afford.

We're angry!  We're angry that federal and provincial governments have consistently paid lip service to child care while ignoring the myriad of research and evidence stating publicly funded, affordable and quality child care not only provides long term, positive benefits to children but also affects our economy by increasing the tax base and work productivity.  Governments tell us all they are doing to give parents choice, but really, parents are forced into making decisions that are not always best for the children.

We want to see a government that shows bold, long term commitment to planning, funding and building the kind of child care system of which Canada can be proud. 

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