The $10aDay Child Care Plan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. 82% of British Columbians agree that it will be beneficial to parents.

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working-mothers.jpgSocio-Economic Impact Analysis of the $10aDay Child Care Plan for British Columbia

The Early Childhood Educators of BC commissioned an examination of the proposed $10aDay Child Care Plan for the province of British Columbia. The focus of this study is on the socio-economic benefits over the implementation period and subsequent operations through 2030. Therefore only the short-to-medium term effects of the plan on British Columbia are included in the impact analysis.

The report estimates the cost of the plan, summarises the available evidence regarding the socio-economic benefits and costs of early childhood education and care, and uses those estimates along with detailed input-output multiplier effects to calculate the impact on the B.C. economy from the expansion and operation of the child care system as proposed in the $10aDay Plan.

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working-mothers.jpgWorking Mothers and the Child Care Dilemma  

Finding affordable, quality child care is a challenge for many Canadian families. In some areas of British Columbia, expectant mothers place their children on daycare waiting lists months before they are born. Yet, despite the demand, recent efforts to achieve a universal child care program have stalled. As Working Mothers and the Child Care Dilemma demonstrates, this is nothing new: child care policy in British Columbia has matured in the shadow of a persistent political uneasiness with working motherhood.

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Moving Beyond Baby Steps


This issue of Our Schools / Our Selves brings together researchers,activists and analysts to provide a thoughtful, nuanced, accessible overview of the key issues in the effort to build a national child care program that responds to and meets the needs of kids from coast to coast to coast; one that is stable, adequately-funded, and helps to build vibrant, equitable, empowered, compassionate, cohesive communities

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It's time for affordable child care in BC. The @10adayplan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. #bcpoli