The $10aDay Child Care Plan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. 82% of British Columbians agree that it will be beneficial to parents.

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10aday_plan_8thedition_thumb.pngThe $10aDay Plan
February 2019

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working-mothers.jpgSocio-Economic Impact Analysis of the $10aDay Child Care Plan for British Columbia
January 2017

This study estimates the short-to-medium term benefits of implementing the proposed $10aDay Child Care Plan in BC. Private-sector economist Robert Fairholm led this in-depth analysis, confirming that it will generate sufficient government revenues to pay for the government spending required to build and operate the system. “Full implementation of the $10aDay Plan will have a significant and positive impact on GDP and create 69,100 jobs, even in the short term” states Fairholm.

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cover.pngSolving BC's Affordability Crisis in Child Care - Financing the $10 a Day Plan 
July 2015

In this study, economist and CCPA public interest researcher Iglika Ivanova shows how BC can implement a $10 a day child care plan, either as a federal-provincial partnership or as a BC-only program. The province can easily afford it, and it will provide substantial benefits for families, communities and the economy.

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