Together we've made history.

Affordable child care in BC is on its way, thanks to you.

Because of the amazing $10aDay campaign, the BC Government is beginning to implement quality, affordable, universal child care.

2022 Roadmap to $10aDay is available. Download it here!

The $10aDay Plan needs three things to work:

Affordable Fees

More licensed spaces

Better ECE wages
The BC Government is now addressing each of these important issues
Thanks to the $10aDay campaign, families of over
children in BC are now paying lower monthly child care fees.
But, BC’s child care chaos can’t be solved overnight. Together, we still need to take action to help build the new system.
We need to keep government on track, ensure that every step leads in the right direction and push back against opposition to building a system of high quality, affordable child care for all who choose it.
Here's what you can do: