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BC families face a crisis in accessing quality, affordable child care. Fees are too high — the second highest family expense after housing. Wait lists are too long — less that 20% of children under the age of 12 in BC have access to a regulated child care space. And too often families are forced into unregulated care, with no safety standards.

The $10aDay Child Care Plan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. Since its release, the $10aDay Child Care Plan has been enthusiastically endorsed and supported by a growing number of individuals and organizations.

Add your voice to the thousands of British Columbians calling on government to adopt and implement the Plan!


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Maria Lourdes Gutierrez
N'Kara MacLachlan
Barbara Lazcano
Tess Van Den Bosch
Alysha W
Marie-Joelle Lucke
Mischa Milne
Keira Maslin
Maryam Rahimi
Goan Aleksic
Katalin Virag
Ruth Beardsley
leesa gilliland
Griselle Nieves
Mildre Jaquez
Marianny Pujols
Rocio Pena
Chris Lloyd
Christina Clarke
Michelle buyser
Alannah McGillivray
Vanessa Schmidt
Meaghen Taylor-Reid
Michelle Sellars
Zachary Chow
Tara Browman
Amandeep Warraich
Gagandeep Thiara
Leah Green
Sara Bowles

I endorse the $10aDay Child Care Plan as the solution to BC's child care crisis.

This Plan has the potential to make a real difference for BC children, families and communities.

I urge politicians to commit to the Plan's vision and work with communities to immediately begin its implementation

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    Sign our petition to support the $10aDay Plan
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