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While there has been significant progress on child care in BC over the last few years, too many families still can’t find quality, affordable child care. Fees remain too high, wait lists are too long (if you can even get on one), and the lack of fair wages, benefits and good working conditions are causing many early childhood educators to leave the profession.

We’re at a historic moment to change this. The BC and federal governments have committed to building a system of universal $10aDay child care. Now we need that system to be built right.

The Roadmap to $10aDay lays out a plan to ensure the system promised by governments delivers the high-quality, affordable, inclusive child care that children, families, and communities need, and the wages, benefits and working conditions that early childhood educators deserve.

Add your voice to the tens of thousands of individuals and organizations calling on governments to implement the $10aDay Plan.


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Cathy Timms
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Heather Martell
Alison Salo
Stephanie Smith
Rebecca Flynn
Melissa Monaghan
Jennifer Cartwright
Tasha Henderson
Maria Chavez
Brenda Byberg
Rob Guercio

I call on the BC and federal governments to fast-track $10aDay child care, to ensure all families have access to high quality, inclusive, flexible care with fees capped at $10aDay, with professional wages, benefits, and healthy working conditions for educators – all within a system that upholds Indigenous rights and advances reconciliation.

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