My daughter has to turn down work because there's no child care


Every day, as an Early Childhood Educator, I see the need for quality, affordable and flexible childcare.  This hit home on a personal level when my grandson was born.  My daughter's job  in Outdoor Recreation is a seasonal auxillary position.  She is unable to find childcare that is affordable and flexible for her schedule.  So the care of my grandson is divided up amongst the grandmothers and great grandmother.  When her mother-in-law is watching her other grandchildren, whose mother has no affordable childcare, I have taken vacation days to watch my grandson.  I don't want my daughter to miss the opportunity to work.  Even my 70 year old mother has watched her great-grandson on many occasions when neither grandmother is available.  Unfortunately my daughter has had to turn down work as no one was available to help her out.  The need for quality, affordable and flexible childcare has never been greater.

Cindy Chisholm

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