ECE Compensation in BC: Spring 2024 Update

Fairly compensated and valued early childhood education professionals are key to providing a high-quality child care system that meets the needs of children and families in all their diversities — and essential to achieving BC’s goal of a child care system that families can rely on for $10aDay or less.

Last year we released an ECE wage analysis with two key takeaways:

• BC has fallen behind in terms of Canada-wide progress toward an ECE wage grid and higher effective minimum ECE wages; and

• Wages in BC’s promised ECE wage grid now need to be at least $30–$40/ hour depending on qualifications and experience.

In this Spring 2024 progress report we update that analysis by:

• Analyzing what’s new with ECE wage grids across Canada;

• Identifying the provinces that now have dedicated ECE pensions and benefit plans;

• Incorporating BC’s latest $2/hour ECE wage top-up (now up to $6/hour); and

• Providing more detail about why ECE wages need to be at least $30/hour to be competitive.

Please let us know if you’d like a hard copy of the 2024 progress update or further information.

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