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Tamara Herman
Thanks to the tireless work of @10aDayPlan & childcare advocates over decades, our childcare fees just dropped by $1100/month. This is life-changing for us & millions of other parents
Maria Dobrinskaya
This was a meaningful public policy announcement that will make real difference for so many families/women. Adding my voice to the chorus of appreciation for the tenacity & focus of @10aDayPlan campaign, @sharongregson & the countless other women over several decades. #bcpoli
Kristen KW
I cried today listening to this announcement. These investments have been so hard fought for, and they are relieving so much pressure for those of us with young ones. History making changes that leave a legacy of hope and greater equality. #SingleMomLife #WorkingMom #10aDay
Chantelle Krish
My child care fees have dropped by close to 50%. In one day. Thank you for the tireless work to get us closer to affordable, high quality childcare in BC. What a day @10aDayPlan @CCCA_BC @sharongregson @LynellAnderson @MornaBallantyne @jjhorgan @NikiSharma2 @YWCAVA 
Katie DeRosa
Here's the story: Very few questions at the announcement because the news is so positive, there's not much to be critical about. I have two kids in daycare and will save about $1,000 a month.
Bryan McCann
I am happy to pay this as a taxpayer that already paid $1000s for my own children's daycare. I am glad that the young families of today will get some relief.
Sarah Marriott
The new childcare savings for BC parents are kind of mind-blowing. Very excited for all my parent friends whose monthly budgeting just got a lot less stressful! Big global inflation fighter #bcpoli #childcarebc
Rob Gillezeau
I'm surprised to see this child care announcement out of BC getting so little attention. It's a big, broad-based reduction in child care costs that is going to impact far more families than the pilot site approach. #bcpoli
Meena Mann
Our first born is in daycare, so this news hits home in a big way. We are beyond excited about the Childcare Fee Reduction. I'M -pleasantly- shocked 
Rachel Haz Tweets
Incredible! Just heard from my daycare that we're going down to $505/month. That's $20/day. It's unbelievable. Will save our family $12,000 compared to last year.

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