Susan's Feminist Call to Child Care

Implementation of the $10aDay Plan will result in more women in the workforce. Here’s Susan’s take on why it matters.

What if we talked about women choosing to do paid work – and that was ok? A lot of us talk about the economic argument that we need child care because families need a two-parent income now so women are working outside the home.

And this is true. There’s an obvious and strong economic argument.

But I am afraid that what might get lost in this language is that women are making important contributions to their communities and that we want women in the workforce.

As a mother and feminist, I want my daughters to be able to have a rich and full life. Their choice to have a child shouldn’t have this big negative impact on their careers. They should still be able to contribute to society however they wish to.


Our communities benefit from our daughters working.

One of my daughters does frontline violence against women work. My other daughter, after completing a PhD, has worked with different public health community organizations. She’s made contributions in public health at provincial, national and international forums. Both have children.

My fourteen-year-old granddaughter is thinking about becoming a makeup artist. That’s her passion. She should be able to develop that, excel in it, contribute to the world with her talent, and have children if she chooses.

Even if my daughters and granddaughters had enough money economically to have only one income in their families, would we want them to stop working? Women should be able to choose their work arrangements.

We need to speak up loudly and proudly and proclaim our value for our women – our daughters, mothers, sisters, nieces, aunts – and their contributions to our lives and our society.

And our women need child care. Some women will choose not to have children or to make staying at home with their children their work – this is great, and should be their choice. But right now most women are left without any options and aren’t making choices, they’re doing whatever they can to get by.

I want women working because I love the work women do. Let’s value our women’s work with the $10aDay Child Care Plan.

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