Mothers Day 2016

This Mother’s Day, I’m giving my mom a donation to the $10 a Day Child Care Campaign and I’m making a BIG deal about it because I hope others will join me!

I thought this was the perfect Mother’s Day gift because moms like mine know the struggle parents go through to find quality care. And it’s 2016! It's about time all mothers had access to a system of quality, affordable, inclusive child care. So I made a donation to the campaign that’s going to make sure we get one.

The tireless women powering this campaign are inspiring, and they need our help to keep the momentum going and make sure that our governments get the message.

So I hope you and your family will celebrate Mother’s Day and Child Care Month with me by signing the petition and by donating $10 here to support the $10 a Day Plan. 

When you sign the petition or donate, let the $10 a Day women know on Facebook or Twitter, or send a quick note by email – many of them are mothers who I’m sure would love to hear about your Mother’s Day gifts this Sunday!

And, please tell others that the $10 a Day Plan is a concrete solution to the child care crisis in BC. It has thousands of individual supporters, hundreds of endorsements from influential organizations and many new allies to the child care movement.

Thank you

Melanie Anderson



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