Majority of British Columbians Voted for Child Care

While the final seat count is not yet firm, one thing is clear - the majority of British Columbians voted for substantial new public investments in child care to:

  • Make child care fees affordable
  • Ensure quality child care is widely available

Both the NDP and Greens made significant platform commitments to do just that.

The child care crisis made headlines during the election campaign and most voters rejected the status quo offered by the BC Liberals. They know that the crisis will not go away without immediate, decisive action. 

So, BC families are counting on the NDP and Greens to find common ground and make this one of their top issues for cooperation. And, they are counting on the BC Liberals to support action to solve the current child care chaos.

We are ready, willing and able to share our expertise with all parties in the expectation that they will cooperate to build the quality, affordable child care system that British Columbia’s families so clearly want and need.

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