Send a message: We need immediate action on child care!


Congratulations to Katrina Chen are in order for her new role as BC’s Minister of State for Child Care! Katrina’s appointment to this focused position demonstrates that our new provincial government is serious about implementing the $10aDay Plan and committed to making access to quality, affordable child care a reality in BC.

Katrina Chen is a first-time MLA from Burnaby-Lougheed and a former Burnaby school trustee. As a mother of a three-year-old son, she has experienced BC’s child care chaos first-hand.

Katrina is eager to get to work on fixing BC’s child care chaos. Now, we need to highlight for her that BC families need immediate benefits from the $10aDay Plan. Will you take a minute to let Katrina know that BC families need her government to take prompt action on child care?

We know that BC’s child care chaos won’t be fixed overnight, but there are immediate steps our new government can take to make a difference for BC families. These include:

  • reducing parent fees in all licensed infant and toddler programs
  • working with stakeholders to increase the number of licensed spaces across the province
  • eliminating fees for families earning less than $40,000 annually
  • improving wages for early childhood educators

Use our tool below to send Katrina a message and let her know that BC families need immediate action to help cope with BC's child care chaos. Send our pre-written letter as-is, or customize it to add your own personal story about coping with the crisis.