Child Care Key to BC Election

On October 24, British Columbians go to the polls to elect a new provincial government. Those we elect will need a strong mandate to chart a bold and just future.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become clear to all that a quality, affordable child care system is central to this future – a future that meets the needs of children and families, values early childhood educators, supports Indigenous peoples, advances gender equity and a sustainable economy, and redresses the many inequities that exist in our society today.  

That is why we are calling on all BC political parties and candidates to make a meaningful commitment to implement the $10aDay Child Care Plan across BC.  

Over the last 3 years, BC made historic new investments in child care. As a result, families of 32,700 children are now paying $10aDay or less for their child care. But, as we knew from the start, building the child care system BC needs is a 10-year project that will require new annual investments and sound public policy. 

Based on the progress achieved since 2018, we call on all parties to commit to the vision and principles of the $10aDay Plan. Immediate priorities are to:  

  1. Move NOW to significantly expand $10aDay child care programs across BC
  2. Implement a wage grid for BC’s early childhood educators, starting at $26/hr
  3. Use public funds to build child care spaces that are public assets, like schools

Widespread public support for action on child care has never been greater. Candidates should know that access to $10aDay Child Care is the measure of success for BC families.

Ninety percent of British Columbians agree that provincial investments in a quality, affordable child care system are important. More than ¾ believe that government should move more quickly to achieve the goals of the $10aDay Plan.

Those who seek office should also know that business leaders and economists agree - investing in child care is essential to our social and economic recovery.

Over the next month, we will be providing you with election updates and resources.

Together, we can make sure that BC elects a government with a strong mandate for bold action on child care.

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