Welcome to 10aDay.ca!

BC families face a crisis in accessing quality, affordable child care. And, the BC government has no plan to meet the needs of working families. Together, we can change this reality!

Today, the Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC is pleased to launch the $10aDay Child Care Campaign web site at 10aDay.ca.

The Campaign is led by a passionate, dedicated and skilled group of volunteers and very part-time consultants. Our leadership is collective – not individual. It honours the unique contribution each of us brings to the table. We are also proud to be part of, and inspired by, the child care movement in Canada – a movement whose value of sharing can and will change the world.

The Campaign also builds on our ongoing collaboration with the Early Childhood Educators of BC to raise public awareness about the child care crisis in BC – and about our solution, the $10aDay Child Care Plan.

Check out 10aDay.ca for information about the crisis, our Plan and the benefits for:

  • Children, women and families
  • Employers, communities and our economy

Then, join the thousands of British Columbians working to ensure that $10aDay Child Care becomes a reality. Sign our petition, share our new site, and spread the word! 

Thank you!


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  • Charlene Gray
    commented 2015-03-31 14:37:58 -0700
    From strong yet humble beginnings , it s wonderful to see the momentum this Plan has in our Province and across Canada. Not only has it provided leadership for the issue of child care, it has been an example of what can , should and MUST be for children, families, educators and communities. Support for the Plan is so enormous it cannot be ignored.
  • Rita Chudnovsky
    commented 2015-03-05 12:58:16 -0800
    Wonderful to see the new campaign website up and running. This time we will win!
  • Jason Mogus
    commented 2015-03-05 08:41:42 -0800
    Great site and campaign! It’s been great working with you guys this past half year I’m really excited to see the unstoppable momentum you will now continue to build. Let’s do this!

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Welcome to 10aDay.ca!
Welcome to 10aDay.ca!
It's time for affordable child care in BC. The @10adayplan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. #bcpoli