Sheila's Story

BC finally has a government that’s serious about solving the child care chaos. Here's Sheila's take on why it’s important that we continue to add our voices to the millions of other Canadians who know what needs to be done and how it can be accomplished.

We in BC continually hear that our economy is doing great. According to our [former] Premier, of all the provinces BC leads in employment, jobs and economic well-being.

If this is the case, why then have we not invested in the $10 a Day Child Care Plan?

Why are we allowing young families of all income levels to struggle with housing costs and huge child care fees? As a Grandmother and a tax payer, I am sickened by this total disregard and lack of political will.

I have pondered why elected governments from both the left and the right have neglected the needs of families and haven’t developed a comprehensive vision and long term plan for child care.

It feels like there is a general malaise over supporting women who work or study and an attitude that their children will somehow be okay, that it’s not really the government’s responsibility anyway.

My big question remains: why? Why has this public need been ignored since the early 70’s? Why do we have decades of evidence supporting better outcomes for children who attend good quality early childhood education programs and yet still not a comprehensive system? Why has the positive economic impact of women in the workforce been ignored? Why has the economic data pointing to the fact that a publicly funded system pays for itself through increased taxes paid by working women been ignored?

I find myself beyond angry, beyond disillusioned or disappointed. I am tired of hearing the rhetoric from various elected individuals and parties that they are putting families first or that they support quality, affordable child care. These promises have been made time and time again and yet somehow never come to fruition.

But I will not give up fighting. I will continue to add my voice to the millions of other Canadians who know what needs to be done and how it can be accomplished. And I will continue to encourage millions more to join us.

I just wish that for once, we would have a government who was bold, forward thinking and committed to doing what is right and fair. This is the kind of government I will support and will fight for.


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