Budget 2019 Continues to Prioritize Child Care - Benefiting Families, Educators & the Economy

Popular $10aDay Plan is the template for building quality, universal child care across BC over 10 years.

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We are pleased to see Budget 2019 confirms a funding increase of almost $200 million in Year 2 of the BC government’s universal child care commitment, with $366 million to continue expanding access to quality, affordable child care. Already:

  • Families of more than 52,000 children are benefitting from lower fees, with many lower income families paying low or no fees.
  • 2,500 children are in $10/day in prototype sites.
  • Early Childhood Educators see their first publicly-funded wage increase in almost 20 years, along with increased bursaries and education supports.
  • New licensed programs are being created, existing facilities being upgraded, unlicensed spaces becoming licensed, young parent programs and children with additional needs are benefiting from increased funding.
  • Importantly, the BC government has confirmed its commitment to Indigenous-led child care on and off reserve.

“Families and educators are benefiting from key elements of the $10aDay Plan” notes Sharon Gregson, Spokesperson for the $10aDay Campaign. “We’re definitely on our way to quality affordable child care in BC!”

Unfortunately, decades of child care chaos can’t be solved overnight. Based on the $10aDay Plan, we’ll still be advocating for:

  • Increasing wages for Early Childhood Educators, to address the recruitment and retention crisis. “This must be a priority” says Emily Gawlick, Executive Director of the Early Childhood Educators of BC.
  • Creating new child care programs with public partners and non-profits, as parents across BC are still desperate for access to quality licensed care.
  • Lowering parent fees, with more $10/day prototype sites & universal fee reductions

“We also recommend a separate capital budget, so that child care is part of BC’s infrastructure investment, just like hospitals and schools” confirms Lynell Anderson, CPA, CGA and $10aDay Researcher. “This would be facilitated by moving child care to the Ministry of Education, as we have long advised – and as most other Canadian provinces have done.”

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Sharon Gregson 604-505-5725 [email protected]
Emily Gawlick 778-994-8001 [email protected]
Lynell Anderson 604-313-6904 [email protected]

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