Questions you can ask your local candidates

The Provincial Election is only weeks away.

With your help and hard work, we have achieved our first  election campaign goal. The $10aDay Child Care Plan is a top election issue.

But our work is far from done. Now, we have to make sure that the next government knows they must solve BC’s child care crisis.

The BC NDP, who have committed to the $10aDay Plan, and the BC Green Party have made substantial commitments to solving the child care crisis in BC.

But, the BC Liberal party has still not promised to do anything to bring down fees or improve quality. They only promise a relatively small number of new spaces.

Over the next few weeks, candidates in your riding will be reaching out to you and other voters. They will call you, knock on your door, or participate in All Candidates meetings.

These are key opportunities to let them know that you are voting for child care.

Here is a quick guide to asking candidates questions about child care. Whenever possible, be sure to include your personal story with child care.

If candidates call you or come to your door

1. Tell them that child care is a key election issue for you. If you have a personal child care story – share it. If not - you can simply say ”Fees are too high and there aren’t enough quality spaces”.

2. Then ask “Do you support and are you prepared to implement the $10aDay Plan?”.

3. If they say YES – tell them that you are voting for child care.

4. If they say NO – ask them what they will do to solve the BC child care crisis.

5. If they say…

  • We will build new spaces – tell them that more unaffordable spaces won’t solve the problem. This was the government’s response over the last few years – but the crisis has only gotten worse. Without a comprehensive system the situation will continue to spiral downward with devastating results for families and children.
  • We can’t afford the $10aDay Plan – tell them that numerous studies show that the Plan will pay for itself. With new federal dollars on the table – there is no excuse.

6. Be sure to end the conversation with the message “I am voting for child care”.

If there is an All Candidates meeting in your riding

1. Go and take your $10aDay signs and fans. You will likely only have a short time to ask your question and may not be allowed to ask a follow up question. Here are some tips:

2. Get in the line up to ask a question as soon as it’s allowed.

3. Have another $10aDay supporter line up behind you or at a second microphone if there is one. 

4. Ask your question 

5. Your friend can then ask the follow up question

6. Be sure to end with the message “I am voting for child care”

Check out our tool that you can use to email your local candidates and ask them to support the $10aDay Plan. Simply enter your postal code and your local candidates will be targeted automatically.

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