Child Care Facility Design Standards

THE COALITION OF CHILD CARE ADVOCATES AND EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS OF BC are very pleased that the government of British Columbia is currently undertaking a project to develop the first-ever province-wide child care facility design (and cost) standards.

These forthcoming standards are an opportunity to create conditions for ethical care and practice in support of the underlining vision, principles, and learning goals of BC’s Early Learning Framework, and to broadly ensure all children and educators can play, learn, and work in high-quality physical environments that are safe, inclusive, environmentally healthy, and climate-friendly.

Through late 2022 and early 2023 — consulting with academic experts, municipal planners, and others — we have been working to put together specific recommendations that speak to:

  • Fundamentals upon which we believe the standards should be developed;
  • Practice/context considerations for their effective use;
  • Specific components of the standards; and
  • Complementary projects we believe the province should initiate that flow from the new standards.

Download the full report here

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