Canada-wide Day of Action for Child Care

November 30th, 2022

Celebrating and Supporting Educators

Download the Day of Action Information Sheet here...

We’re at a historic moment for child care. Promises by the BC and federal governments to build a quality $10aDay Child Care system are becoming reality. The number of life-changing $10aDay spaces is steadily increasing, as are fee reductions for families not yet in a $10aDay program. There is more to do! The next urgent step is to compensate professionals in the sector with a fair provincial WAGE GRID recognizing credentials and years of experience!

BC needs to recognize educators in child care programs as professionals with a fair, provincial, publicly funded wage grid NOW!

For the November 30 Day of Action, we’re calling on government to ensure all educators in child care programs:

  • Are paid professional wages and benefits, based on a provincially funded wage grid, in line with their qualifications, experience and crucial role in society - just like K-12 teachers - to help solve the recruitment and retention problem.
  • Have paid time dedicated to professional development and advancement of BC’s Early Learning Framework and Indigenous Early Learning and Child Care Framework.
  • Are supported to enter the profession through tuition-free access to public post-secondary programs, student loan waivers and ongoing bursaries.

On November 30 across BC and Canada there will be many ways to celebrate educators and push for a fair wage grid. We encourage you to add your voice: create signs and post them on social media and tag #childcaredayofaction, hold an open house at your program and invite local politicians, give the educators in your program a special treat … lots of ideas, and we can provide t-shirts, buttons, stickers!

Download the Day of Action Information Sheet here...

Contact [email protected] or [email protected] for swag and more ideas

The Canada-wide Day of Action is supported by Child Care Now (Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada) sign the petition now.



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