Together we can make affordable child care a reality in BC.

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BC families face a crisis in accessing quality, affordable child care.

Fees are too high—the second highest family expense after housing.

Wait lists are too long, with a regulated space for less than 20% of children.

Too often, families are forced into unregulated care, with no safety standards
of parents who use child care say that the cost puts a financial strain on their family.
Among developed countries, CANADA RANKS LAST on child care. And the BC government’s failure to address the crisis is keeping us there.
BC is even worse than the Canadian average for:
Parent Fees - too high, and increasing at rates that outpace inflation. For infants and toddlers, they are now the second highest in the country.
Access - Only 18% of children under 12 in BC have access to a regulated child care space (Canadian average 20.5%).
Public Investment - second lowest in Canada at $2,207 annually per regulated space (Canadian average $4,070/year).
The BC Government still has no plan to meet the needs of working families.
We've got a plan.
Our Plan offers a concrete, innovative ‘made in BC’ solution to the child care crisis facing families with young children.
Our plan benefits:






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Across British Columbia, supporters of this $10 a Day Plan are working to ensure that child care is a central issue for governments.

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