Our Plan

The $10aDay Child Care Plan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. 82% of British Columbians agree that it will be beneficial to parents.


The $10aDay Plan will make child care affordable by bringing fees down to

  • $10 a day for full time care
  • $7 a day for part time care
  • No parent fee for families with annual incomes under $40,000

This will make a real difference for all families and is the single biggest step we can take to reduce poverty for families with young children.


The $10aDay Plan will build a child care system that provides a regulated space for every child whose family wants or needs it, on a voluntary basis:

  • All children, including those with extra support needs, will be welcome.

  • A range of programs in licensed family homes and centres will reflect the rich diversity of BC communities

  • Existing child care services will be invited into the new system

First Nations and Aboriginal communities will have the power and resources to develop, deliver and control culturally relevant child care services that meet their needs and their human and constitutional rights.


The quality of the system depends on Early Childhood Educators. They must be well-educated, well-respected and fairly-compensated.

The $10aDay Plan invests in the Early Childhood Educator workforce by supporting all caregivers to obtain a Diploma. Over time, the workforce will transition towards a bachelor’s degree. Wages will also increase to an average of $25 per hour, with improved benefits.

Unregulated caregivers will be supported to become Early Childhood Educators and work in the regulated system, if they choose.

The Plan’s consistent requirements for regulation and education for Early Childhood Educators are key to ensuring that consistently high quality programs are in place for all BC children, across regions and socio-economic groups.

Read and/or download the full plan here:


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The $10aDay Child Care Plan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis.
Our Plan
It's time for affordable child care in BC. The @10adayplan is the solution to BC’s child care crisis. #bcpoli