Pledge to Vote for $10aDay

Recent federal funding agreements advancing $10aDay Child Care in BC, and across Canada, represent historic progress. But, the results of the federal election could put progress and funding for child care at risk.

It’s up to all of us to make sure $10aDay Child Care survives the election. 

Who's signing

Carolyn Collyer
Kassidy simpson
warda negyal
Mab Oloman
Andrea Martinez
Tiffany Melius
Rob Niven
Shannon Kelly
Carol O"Connor
Sarah Blackmore
Tanya Isnardy
Ana Laura Peral
Nikki Broadhurst
Stephanie Tack Houghton
Nathalie Hebert
Julie Bond
Julianna Weisgarber
Bill Sundhu
Janet Philpott
Karen Neufeld
Phillip Payne
Sheila Davidson
Kyri Alves
Kiyomi Shinada
Cariboo Child Care
Danielle Wittal
Heather Solonas
Lynn Buhler
Trilby Smith
Elizabeth Currie

This election, I pledge to vote for a candidate who supports $10aDay Child Care

Will you sign?

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