Whistler staffing crisis

Who's minding the baby?

Clare Ogilvie / July 4, 2019 

Staffing and housing issues are old friends on the list of challenges when it comes to offering sustainable solutions for any number of things in Whistler.

Most recently, they have come to the fore in the discussion around child care and daycare in the corridor.

Just a few months ago, we read in our sister publication the Squamish Chief that Bee Haven Childcare was closing its doors due to staffing shortages. The owner had offered both bonuses and subsidies to attract staff, but no one was interested.

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Child care needs study

Nanaimo, Lantzville, Parksville, Qualicum partner on studying child care needs

Nanaimo News Staff / June 25, 2019

Five local governments will look collectively at child care in the region.

The City of Nanaimo, District of Lantzville, City of Parksville, Town of Qualicum Beach and the Regional District of Nanaimo announced a partnership to study child care needs.

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City of Penticton supports $10aDay Child Care

City of Penticton supports $10aDay Child Care program

Jordyn Thomson / June 19, 2019

The City of Penticton has endorsed the provincial $10aDay Child Care initiative.

At the regular council meeting on June 18, council voted unanimously to send a letter of support to the provincial NDP government in relation to its planned universal child care program. The provincial government launched a pilot program in November 2018 with 53 participating daycares across the province which models the cost for parents at $200 per month per child.

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Kamloops parent letter

Letter: Healthy kids become healthy adults

Kamloops This Week / June 13, 2019


Re: Fred Bugden’s letter of June 12, in which he decries the idea of $10-a-day day care, subsidized by taxpayers (‘I should not be forced to pay for your kids’):

I don’t want to live in a world where only the wealthy can procreate, with the assumption we can all plan our lives.

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Increased support for B.C. child care

Poll: Support for B.C. child care moves, but parents still struggling

Zak Vescera / June 13, 2019

British Columbians support recent government investments in child care but are still in serious need of affordable public spaces, according to a new poll.

An online survey of 800 adults, including 400 parents, conducted by Research Co. indicates 76 per cent of British Columbians want the province to create more affordable child care spaces.

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Survey indicates B.C. residents need change

British Columbians want change when it comes to child care: survey

Mario Canseco / June 13, 2019

After Quebec began the implementation of a nearly universal child care system in 1997, many other jurisdictions in Canada have attempted to emulate the policy. Proud Quebecers who have benefitted are quick to point out the success rate of mothers going back to work thanks to a system where parents pay less than $10 a day for child care.

During the 2017 British Columbia provincial electoral campaign, the BC New Democratic Party vowed to create a child care plan with more affordable parent fees, more spaces and better wages and education for those who work in child care settings.

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Demand for $10 a day in Kimberley

Budget consultation committee visits Kimberley

Carolyn Grant / June 13th, 2019

Columbia River Revelstoke MLA Doug Clovechok is on a whirlwind tour across the province with the Budget Consultation Committee. He was in Kimberley on Tuesday, June 11 with the committee, which is made up of MLAs of all parties, to hear from British Columbians on what they want to see funded in the upcoming provincial budget.

“We had a few billion in asks,” Clovechok said. “Some of the requests are very unique to a particular area, others we are hearing again and again.”


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Penticton family may have to move

Penticton family may have to move back to Ontario due to lack of affordable child care

Global News / July 1, 2019

A Penticton, B.C., family says they may be forced to move back to Ontario due to the lack of affordable, quality child care options in the South Okanagan.

Kelly Catherwood said she moved to the Okanagan with her husband four years ago. They do not have family in the area so they need consistent, reliable care that a centre provides.

“Pretty much immediately when I became pregnant I started narrowing down all of the facilities that were licensed and group-based,” she told Global News on Monday.

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Increased demand for universal child care

Get going on universal child care: B.C. premier to provinces, territories, feds

The Canadian Press / July 5, 2019

VANCOUVER - Stressed-out Vancouver parents will get some relief knowing 2,300 child care spots will be available in about three years but the city currently has a shortfall of 17,000 spaces, the mayor says.

The British Columbia government is providing $33 million in funding for the licensed spots, which will include a mix of spaces for children under age five, as well as spots for school-age kids.

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Vancouver to get 2,300 more daycare spots

Vancouver to get 2,300 more daycare spots, but 17,000 spaces needed

The Canadian Press / Jul. 4, 2019 

The governments of B.C. and Vancouver have teamed up to provide 2,300 child care spots in the city, but they won’t be available for three years and the mayor says there’s still a shortfall of 17,000 spaces.

Premier John Horgan says the province is working to fulfil an election promise of providing $10-a-day care that is being tested at 53 facilities across B.C.

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