Vernon Morning Star

Quality child care essential

Letter to the Editor in the Vernon Morning Star on May 20, 2016 from Lynne Reside

I recently returned from the annual conference of the Early Childhood Educators of B.C. where I was inspired by people who have been advocating long and hard for an integrated system of publicly funded child care.

We are increasingly aware of the unattainable housing costs in much of our province.

I know that many families rely on two incomes to be able to support their family, many families are headed by one parent and many families highly value the professional early care and learning practitioners to whom they entrust their young children.

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Alberni Valley News

Childcare spaces lacking in Alberni Valley

By Katya Slepian in the Alberni Valley News on May 10, 2016

There aren’t enough day care spaces for children in the Alberni Valley, according to Katherin Charbonneau, a childcare consultant with Pacific Care and a representative of the Port Alberni branch of the Early Childhood Educators of B.C. and Alberni Children First.

Charbonneau was up in front of city council on April 25 to highlight the importance of childcare to the community.

“Quality childcare is essential to communities, employers, children and families and the economy,” she said.

“Childcare is really important and we are in a crisis. There aren’t enough spaces for children.”

The $10-a-day childcare plan that city council endorsed last April is a start, noted Charbonneau, but the conversation needs to be kept alive.


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Roundhouse Radio Interview

Spokesperson for the $10aDay Child Care Plan, Sharon Gregson, was interviewed on Roundhouse Radio for May is Child Care Month!

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Mothers Day 2016

This Mother’s Day, I’m giving my mom a donation to the $10 a Day Child Care Campaign and I’m making a BIG deal about it because I hope others will join me!

I thought this was the perfect Mother’s Day gift because moms like mine know the struggle parents go through to find quality care. And it’s 2016! It's about time all mothers had access to a system of quality, affordable, inclusive child care. So I made a donation to the campaign that’s going to make sure we get one.

The tireless women powering this campaign are inspiring, and they need our help to keep the momentum going and make sure that our governments get the message.

So I hope you and your family will celebrate Mother’s Day and Child Care Month with me by signing the petition and by donating $10 here to support the $10 a Day Plan. 

When you sign the petition or donate, let the $10 a Day women know on Facebook or Twitter, or send a quick note by email – many of them are mothers who I’m sure would love to hear about your Mother’s Day gifts this Sunday!

And, please tell others that the $10 a Day Plan is a concrete solution to the child care crisis in BC. It has thousands of individual supporters, hundreds of endorsements from influential organizations and many new allies to the child care movement.

Thank you

Melanie Anderson


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May is Child Care Month



Child Care is a Debt Sentence


Vancouver Living Wage Improves, But Child Care Still a Huge Strain

Having kids remains a debt sentence for many families in Metro region.

By David P. Ball, April 28, 2016,

In North America's most unaffordable city, Vancouver teacher Sara Langlois now spends more on child care for her 15-month-old daughter than she and her architect partner do on rent.

"Day care is our biggest expense monthly," the 32-year-old says. "I think people would expect us to be able to afford life basics, but in Vancouver that's actually difficult."

The East Vancouver family spends $1,453 on day care a month, totalling more than $17,000 a year, so they can both work.

The new mom is grateful her family was recently accepted into co-operative housing, cutting their housing costs by one-third.

She's also grateful for a rare child care space, estimating she had to spend 200 hours applying to dozens of programs before getting a spot (and applying the moment she discovered she was pregnant).

"We're lucky people," she says. "But we [don't] feel like we can afford a second child. Or if we do, we'll have to wait until our first one finishes day care because we can't afford two day cares at that price."



$10aDay Plan - Good News!

Two pieces of good news!

First, we’re thrilled to launch the 2016 edition of the $10aDay Plan! It’s still the Plan you know and support – updated to reflect the new federal context and the unstoppable enthusiasm for the Plan across BC. Click here to read the new Plan on-line or reply to this email if you’d like a hard copy mailed.

This 2016 edition is a great tool for extending our reach to more communities, more families and more decision-makers. Once people know there’s a real solution to BC’s childcare crisis they are eager to support the $10aDay Plan.

And, for those who can make a one-time donation to the $10aDay campaign, or make a monthly donation, we’ll send a priceless $10aDay fridge magnet for your collection!! Click here to donate please!

The second piece of good news is that the new federal government’s first budget committed $500 million in 2017/2018 to support early learning and child care for Canadian families. Importantly, the budget stated unequivocally that quality, affordable child care is more than a convenience – it’s a necessity. How refreshing to see this acknowledgement!

The new federal funds will support the establishment of a National Framework on Early Learning and Child Care with $100 million dedicated to on-reserve child care. Recognizing that every province has responded to family’s needs in different ways, the Framework will be a joint effort this year between the federal government, provinces, territories, and Indigenous peoples.

In BC we will need to ensure new federal funds are spent to create quality, affordable childcare… in other words…the $10aDay Plan.


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IWD Highlights Child Care

On International Women’s Day, Child Care was a Highlight!

What do a former Governor-General of Canada, a federal election candidate, an executive in the environment sector and a Toronto Star editorial all have in common? On International Women’s Day 2016 they all prioritized child care as key to actually achieving women’s equality in Canada.

Adrienne Clarkson, Canada’s 26th Governor General, noted in a Globe and Mail article that:

People in Canada don’t realize that in all of Europe there is adequate daycare. This makes it possible for women to at least begin to think that they are being dealt a fair hand

Tara Cullis, President and Co-Founder of David Suzuki Foundation, put it bluntly in the article:

… many women will never be free to contribute their other skills to society until daycare and eldercare programs are in place

Mira Oreck,  Director of Public Engagement, Broadbent Institute and an NDP candidate in the 2015 federal election - observed in the Huffington Post  the growing momentum on child care, commenting that:

…today, each call to action becomes more credible than the last, with economists, feminists, educators, and every day Canadians demanding we rectify Canada's poor national standing on child care.

And a Toronto Star Editorial concluded:

No single move by governments would make such a big difference in the lives of women and families as a comprehensive national plan to provide quality, affordable child care. On the day set aside to mark women’s achievements, and the barriers that keep them from making even more progress, it’s worth remembering that.

We agree! Let’s keep the $10aDay Child Care Plan momentum going! We know that when our voices are many we get the attention of decision-makers and politicians, so please help us amplify the call for quality, affordable child care. Please Like us on Facebook and invite your friends to Like us too. We’re about to reach 3,000 likes – let’s work together to make it 4,000!

Together we will achieve quality, affordable child care - the $10aDay Plan - to benefit BC's children, families and our economy.


Child Care & Good Jobs Economy

$10aDay Child Care Advances Good Jobs Economy for BC!
Are you interested in good jobs, a healthy environment and a thriving economy? Then, this report highlights why the $10aDay Plan is part of the solution you're looking for!
In "A Good Jobs Economy in BC: Ideas from the CCPA-BC's Jobs Conference", presenter Lynell Anderson explained that not only would the $10aDay Plan lead to many more jobs with better pay for child care providers (and in a low-greenhouse gas service sector), it would also result in a significant boost in women's labour force participation. And it would result in numerous benefits to employers, from reduced staff turnover to improved work/life balance, and would reduce affordability challenges for their employees.

City of Vancouver opens 188 new childcare spaces in 2015


The City of Vancouver says 188 new childcare spaces were opened in 2015 as part of its efforts to add 1,000 childcare spaces over four years. The city also announced Tuesday (December 29) it had approved another 389 space this past year, bringing the total number of spots either opened or approved to 577.

In 2014, city council voted in favour of spending $30 million as part of a four-year plan to create 1,000 new spots. According to the plan, each child-care space costs $30,000 to build.

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