Why is Child Care so Expensive in Vancouver?



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Vancouver families face some of the highest living expenses in Canada. Coupled with the most expensive housing anywhere in the country, child-care fees in Vancouver are the highest in the province and, after Toronto and Ottawa, the third-highest in Canada, according to a December 10 report from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA). 

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Vancity Credit Union supports $10aDay Plan

Activists are pushing for improvement in childcare facilities. Organizers behind B.C.’s $10aDay Childcare campaign have been holding stroller rallies, encouraging parents and their supporters to sign pledges and petitions to back their cause. Sharon Gregson, spokesperson for the organization, points to credit unions like Vancity (509,000 members and $18.6 billion in assets), which joined a growing list of organizations endorsing the $10aDay Childcare plan.

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High child care fees in BC

B.C. parents paying some of the highest fees in Canada for child care


Already exorbitant childcare fees are rising still

Already exorbitant childcare fees are rising still: Where is the breaking point?


Because it's 2015



Because it’s 2015!

With these three words, our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau explained why gender equality in the federal government’s new Cabinet was important. And - after decades of research, economic analyses and compelling stories from families – these three words remind us why we it’s time for $10aDay Child Care Plan in BC. Because it’s 2015!

Thank you! With your help, child care was a central issue in the federal election campaign. Three of the four major parties, and the large majority of Canadians who voted for them, support building a national child care system. Like our colleagues across the country, we’re feeling hopeful!

A special shout out to the many grandparents who shared their pictures and stories with us over the last few months. Your commitment to child care is inspiring to us as we continue to build support for $10aDay Child Care across BC

It’s now just over a month since the federal election, and we hope you’ve used some of that time to reflect, relax and restore. Because our advocacy continues! Our new federal government has committed to begin working with provinces, territories, and Indigenous governments within the first 100 days of its mandate to develop a child care system that respects provincial jurisdictions and realities. Help us make sure our new government knows that in BC, we’re ready to roll with the $10aDay Plan by:

Sharon Gregson 


Child Poverty Report Card for BC

BC still in denial about child poverty rates: says advocacy group and recommends increasing affordable housing options and 10/day child care.

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – We haven’t moved the dial on child poverty in this province in over a decade, according to an advocacy group’s new report.

Adrienne Montani with the First Call coalition says it’s time for BC to come up with a solid plan of action to address the problem.



National Child Day

In the Slocan Valley we celebrated National Child Week at Wee Ones and Valhalla by handing out blue ribbons to parents, children and people in our communities with the message that "children are our most precious resource".  Ribbons and copies of the Children's Charter were also passed out to all attending our Early Childhood Educators of BC branch meeting and taken back to staff at centers.  On Friday the children of Wee Ones painted a mural to commemorate the day and you see the result!



Advocates hope Liberals follow through on child-care promises

Child care advocates are cautiously optimistic the Liberal government will soon begin laying the groundwork for negotiating a national daycare plan with the provinces.

By:  Ottawa Bureau reporter, Published on Mon Nov 16 2015

Child-care advocates are cautiously optimistic the Liberal government will soon begin laying the groundwork for negotiating a national daycare plan with the provinces.

“There are incredibly high expectations in the community, so for people who have been fighting for child care, we are recovering form this lost decade, but there is a tremendous amount of optimism,” said Monica Lysack, a professor of early childhood education at Sheridan College who also ran for the Liberals in 2008 and 2011.

The Liberal platform contained a promise that received little attention during the marathon election campaign that brought Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to power: “We will meet with provinces, territories, and indigenous communities to begin work on a new National Early Learning and Child Care Framework, to deliver affordable, high-quality, flexible, and fully inclusive child care for Canadian families.”


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National Child Day November 20

As a child I remember presenting my parents with annual gifts — cutouts of my handprints, coupon books of chores that I vowed to honour, acrostic poems of the word, Mother, or Father. My parents still have many of these handmade gifts that expressed gratitude and recognized the impact of their roles in my life, once each calendar year. 

Closely following these occasions I also remember asking, “Why are adults the only ones with special days? Why isn’t there a day for kids?”

The response was always a version of, “Every day is kid’s day.” I was reminded of how fortunate I was to not have to go to work, to cook meals, or to pay the bills. 

Without minimizing the efforts of mothers, fathers, and significant adults that fulfill invaluable roles in children’s lives, and while recognizing the importance of honouring these people, I want to highlight the importance of teaching children about Children’s Day.

November 20th is Children’s Day. It is a day to commemorate the anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) in held in 1959. The convention recognized children as citizens with a unique set of rights. It recognized adults as being responsible for upholding children’s rights and recognized the government as being responsible for ensuring that children’s rights are protected.

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'Because it's 2015'

A national child care system...“because it’s 2015”By: Martha Friendly

The best line of the Trudeau government’s first day— widely reported and praised in the international media—was the new PM’s.  In response to a reporter’s question about why he’d chosen to create a gender-parity cabinet, he rather matter of factly observed “because it’s 2015”.  This ostensibly simple statement summed up a complexity of attitudes, beliefs and even world views in three words.  For those feminists who remain doggedly optimistic after a decade nasty enough to slay the optimism of Anne of Green Gables, it raised hopes that the first day’s lustre could foreshadow more significant changes to come. 



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